INOCHI and Bamboo Airways at charity program “Side by side love”

17/04/2023 - 07:40

On March 14, Inochi accompanied the charity program “Side by side love”, organized by Bamboo Airways at the School of Nurturing & Educating Disabled Children, Soc Son District, Hanoi. This meaningful activity is organized to respond to Vietnamese Disabled People’s Day on April 18 every year.

At the program, many gifts from sponsors were given to the disabled students. Inochi also gave the children 100 Kita Slim water bottles to share love, hoping that they can overcome the difficulties of illness in order to study and practice well.

To show the appreciation over the gifts from benefactors, the children and their teachers prepared very such cute and exciting musical performances.

The bright smiles, the enthusiastic cheers, the optimism and the extraordinary energy of all children will be the motivation for Inochi as well as the sponsors to continue the journey of spreading love through warm and meaningful activities.

Wish the children at the School of Nurturing & Educating Disabled Children in Soc Son district will always be happy, optimistic, study and practice well to overcome difficulties and reach a bright future!