INOCHI at BIDVRUN – for a green life

10/04/2023 - 04:49

On April 9th, Inochi and Jovita were present at the BIDVRUN Run – For A Green Life – an event to celebrate the 66th anniversary of BIDV Bank.

With the participation of more than 28,000 athletes in Ho Chi Minh City, earning more than 473 million VNĐ in contributions on the launching day, BIDVRUN is a place where runners can contribute costs from running achievements to implement meaningful social security programs such as: building community houses to avoid floods for provinces prone to natural disasters, donate green sprouts to the ‘One Million Trees’ program.

3000 gift vouchers were given by Inochi to the runners participating in the race, as a tribute to the enthusiastic contribution of the ‘warriors’ to the community. Booths displaying Inochi products and Jovita pure water have also energized runners to endurance throughout the long run.

Jovita and Inochi’s booth

Jovita give athletes water.

The BIDVRUN race will continue until April 30 in an online format. Inochi would like to wish the race a great success, with many excellent achievements from athletes to be able to contribute positive values to the community.