Inochi attends Vietnam Water Week 2022

10/11/2022 - 02:06

Vietnam Water Week 2022 with the theme of “Water Sector Policy – Sustainable Development” was organized for the first time by the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, attracting the participation of nearly 1,000 delegates who are the domestic and international enterprises, organizations and associations from Australia, Germany, Finland, Japan, Taiwan… Inochi is honored to be one of the brands attending at Vietnam Water Week.

The event is the largest scale in the water industry in 2022, sponsored by the Ministry of Construction, the Government Portal and the People’s Committee of Hanoi. The events also received the support of the Leaders of the National Assembly, Government, Ministries and branches.

Inochi and Jovita at Vietnam Water Week 2022

Participating in Vietnam Water Week 2022, Inochi built a booth with a brand spirit which is “Japanese Standard Style, Modern Lifestyle, Smart & Safe Solutions for Health”.

Also at the show, Inochi displayed products that made an impression in the hearts of consumers, recognized as “National Brands” such as baskets, cups & water bottles, baskets, multi-function shelves and products of the Mother & baby… at the same time creating a highlight with 500ml Kita Active bottles bearing the program’s logo for delegates and guests to attend.

The delegates at Vietnam Water Week 2022

Please look forward to and explore Inochi’s booth & activities at Vietnam Water Week 2022!

Time: 9 – 10/11/2022

Address: La Thanh Hotel, 226 Van Phuc Street, Lieu Giai, Hanoi, Vietnam