INOCHI changes brand recognition and brings Japanese corners into Vietnamese house

19/02/2020 - 11:42

From 12th December 2019, Inochi – a Vietnamese premium household plastic brand which is designed and produced in Japanese style and standards – officially changes our brand recognition, which shows our availability for vigorous changing to bring Japanese corners into Vietnamese houses.

Based on the old values, the new logo of Inochi still uses dark and light blue as the main color. However, the color level is painted deeper to represent Japanese style which is closer, more positive, exquisite and modern. Through the new logo, Inochi expresses impressive brand particularity, core competencies that Inochi is pursuing since the first day of our founding.

Changing in color is one of the most important decisions of Inochi while changing brand recognition. Inochi uses gently color with pastel and earthy color tones to paint our products with the aim to keep up with simple, smart and utility lifestyle. This change makes Inochi products and brand recognition become gentler, higher -class and more modern in Vietnamese houses.

Inochi creates a new simple and close appearance not only the main color tone, logo, publications but also the packing system, product label.

The representative of Inochi said: “This comprehensive change focuses on upgrading Inochi brand recognition to mark Japanese style and design out. This improvement reveals the steadfast orientation of Inochi that our development in producing premium household plastic products follows Japanese standards and style. What is more, Inochi products tend to have optimal use, simple design and many utilities with the aim to increase Vietnamese quality of life for each Vietnamese family.

Besides the development in brand recognition, Inochi also launches on our new collections which were inspired by Japanese lands, cities and moral values. Like the way that Hiroshima raised from the ashes of war, Hiro Garbage Collection shows the message that trashes can be recycled. Like the way that Yokohama housewives accept other culinary specials and merge them in their tidy kitchen into their cuisine, Yoko basket and basin collection is created. Furthermore, Harajuku hanger collection took inspiration from Harajuku streets were made because you want to hang up all of your cloth world on your hangers, etc.

Each product of Inochi including shelves, baskets, garbage containers, and all utility products strictly follows Japanese aesthetic principles and uses. As a result, our products have both Japanese style, smart and handy traits. It is worth noting that all of Inochi products and materials meet the standards of Japan – the canonical dainty country admitted by many other countries all over the world. It means that Inochi products are safe for both health and the environment. What is more, the whole Inochi products have a reasonable price for Japanese quality.

At this present time, Inochi products are on shelves of many famous supermarket chains such as Vinmart, Lotte, AEON, etc. In addition to that, Inochi also helps the parent company “Tan Phu Plastics” become the provider and strategic partner of Vin Retail, Vinmart, etc.

Inochi is a Vietnamese brand of premium household plastic products, which are designed and produced in Japanese style and standards. Inochi products are developed and produced by Tan Phu Plastic JSC, a company of over 40 years of experience in the sector with 3 modern factories in Vietnam, manufacturing procedures certified ISO 9001 and having strategic partnership with leading Japanese plastic companies.

Inochi was officially launched in 2018. Our brand early impressed customers because of safe virgin plastic products that have high quality, integrate outstanding features and elegant designs with high utilities to meet most of the Vietnamese family’s needs.

Inochi in Japanese can be translated into English as “Life” and “Extraordinary things come from normal things every day”. Besides that, the prefix “IN” in “Inochi” is the abbreviation for “Innovation”.

From the meaning of “Inochi”, we want to bring friendly, close, safe and beautiful household plastic products with improved design and use to Vietnamese houses.We believe that the small pieces of Inochi will help you have utility and flexible choices and pleasure in modern life nowadays.