Inochi launches the “Month of Zero Waste” campaign with attractive incentives

26/05/2022 - 10:16

The campaign helps customers to have more opportunities to experience Inochi’s modern, safe and healthy food storage containers, as well as feel the spirit of “Japanese Green Lifestyle” that Inochi wants to convey throughout all activities.

The 21st century marks the significant development of human civilization, bringing people into an era of a fast-paced life. Various disposable products are brought into life to shorten the waiting time and serve the goal of “most convenience”.

Typical single-use plastic products such as food storage containers, plastic cups, etc appear in daily life and become more and more popular because of their convenience. However, according to the latest studies, single-use plastic products are extremely dangerous because they release microplastics – the main cause of cancer and infectious diseases.

Research from the University of Newcastle (Australia) shows that each person is eating about 2,000 pieces of microplastic per week which is equivalent to the amount of plastic on a bank card. Especially, if you throw away single-use plastic products indiscriminately, they will harm the environment, and threaten the lives of creatures.

Spread out the “Japanese Green Lifestyle” with Inochi’s high-class food storage containers

“With the aim to spread out the “Japanese Green Lifestyle” to improve Vietnamese quality of life, Inochi product lines have been carefully researched, not only in the material but also the technology to ensure health safety, and environmentally friendliness. Our high-end household products are now widely sold in different retail systems, supermarkets, and e-commerce platforms”, said Mr. Phan Anh Tuan, General Director of the Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Inochi products have many impressive advantages. For example, Hokkaido containers are 100% primary plastic (for Hokkaido containers), antibacterial Ag+ ion technology, BPA-free, and do not secrete harmful substances during use while Nikko glass containers and Nikko bamboo lid glass containers are made of quality heat-resistant glass with high durability and not sticking to color and odor when being used to store food, which is safe for the health of customers, especially children.

To give customers more opportunities to experience the food storage containers, Inochi launches an exclusive promotion program “Buy 02, Get 01 free”. Furthermore, customers will also have the chance to win a variety of lucky draw gifts from Inochi such as environmentally friendly Tote bags.

The campaign “Plastic Recycling”

In addition to hot exclusive deals, during the month of zero waste, Inochi also launched the campaign “Plastic Recycling” by encouraging people to collect plastic bottles/jars/food containers, used bottles, and jars to exchange for the new Inochi food storage containers.

This is a cooperation event between Inochi and Lagom – an organization specializing in collecting and recycling used plastic products and milk cartons. Not only contributing to environmental protection, towards the community, “Inochi’s Plastic Recycling Program” is also a meaningful activity to help people feel the spirit of green living. The program is now available at Inochi showrooms in Hanoi and HCMC.