In pursuit of quality, Inochi premium houseware products are proud to be Vietnamese Premium Products in 2023.

15/03/2023 - 04:57

At the Announcement Ceremony of Vietnamese Premium Products in 2023 organized by the Business Association of Vietnamese Premium Products, INOCHI premium household products of Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company were honored with Vietnamese Premium Products 2023.

The award is evaluated and reviewed through 2 rounds based on consumer votes around product quality, reputable brands, diversified products, and ownership of many innovations or prices. competitive sale….

With the 2nd consecutive time being voted as Vietnamese Premium Products, this becomes a good sign, recognizing the relentless efforts of INOCHI in particular, and Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company, in general, to better meet market needs and consumer expectations.

Taking quality as the number one priority, over the past many years, INOCHI has constantly promoted product research and development, diversified models, improved designs and technologies, and launched hundreds of product models. new products under the INOCHI brand every year. Paying great attention to the health of users, INOCHI is currently applying many materials that are highly appreciated for their durability, high heat resistance, and safety such as Glass, high-grade ceramics, or plastic materials such as Tritan, virgin PP plastic (Polypropylene) and soon PPSU (Polyphennysulfone), is not only beautiful but also really good for consumer’s health, especially children. In addition to the quality factor, INOCHI products are also loved by consumers because of their delicate beauty with modern pastel colors, designed in Japanese style and standards, rich in conveniences, and friendly and safe for the user.

In order to introduce Vietnamese household products with international quality to the market, for many years, Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company has continuously invested in technology and production process. The company currently owns 4 factories with high-quality production processes according to European standards such as BRC Packaging Materials, ISO 15378, ISO 9001, SMETA 4 PILLAR, and BSCI, and a system of modern equipment imported from Europe, and Japan.

Currently, INOCHI’s products not only cover the entire supermarket system, and e-commerce platforms, but also have the opportunity to approach customers closer to customers through open showrooms in many big cities around the country. Besides, there is an investment, focusing on export activities to many international markets such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos or Hong Kong, Australia, and some European countries such as Germany.

Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company, shared with the press: “We are very honored when INOCHI achieved Vietnamese Premium Products in 2023. This achievement has proved the direction of the company. The right way of Tan Phu Vietnam when always putting the customer at the center, constantly striving to launch many products with optimal quality, and diverse functions. INOCHI in particular, Tan Phu Vietnam, in general, does not hide its ambition to assert a solid position in the domestic market, gradually reaching out to the world in the future…”

In the fourth quarter of 2023 and the following years, Inochi also intends to open genuine showrooms in foreign markets to bring products closer to customers, gradually realizing the desire to become a faithful customer proud of Vietnamese people, a brand trusted and appreciated by international users in the journey of bringing Vietnamese product to other countries.