Why is virgin plastic safe for customers’ health?

19/02/2020 - 11:23

Plastic can be separated into 2 kinds including virgin and recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic means plastic which is recycled from old plastic things such as plastic packings, healthcare types of equipment, machines, etc. They are collected and meltdown to be plastic ion. In that manufacturing process, this kind of plastic often contains impurities. Then, people have to add clean additives, which makes recycled plastic ions are milky and not transparent.

Differ from recycled plastic, virgin plastic is a new pure original kind and includes no medicals or additives. So, it is comprehensively safe for the user when there is any direct contact.

Virgin plastic is soft, can suffer high pressure, has shiny surfaces. So, its color is brighter which makes the aesthetic qualities of products are better. It is the reason why virgin plastic is much more expensive than recycled plastic.

Virgin plastic is usually used to produce products that have high safe quality and heavy demands on human health, life quality such as food, health, plane, etc industry.

Smart customers should make careful decision with virgin plastic while choosing food containers to protect the family’s health.

In many countries all over the world including Vietnam, the health authorities and community organizations created rules and standards that we only use virgin plastic for food plastic products. Plastic producing companies have to strictly follow these rules and standards to protect customers’ health.Inochi is one of the leading brands in using 100% virgin plastic to produce premium household plastic products, which are designed and produced in Japanese style and standards. Not only products for food but also other Inochi products such as shelves, baskets, garbage containers, and bags, etc are using virgin plastic as their only material and strictly comply with safety and environment rules and standards.